May 01, 2020 Bbc Forum - Bbc Questions & Answers, Discussions Apr 11, 2010 The UK public vox popped by BBC news? — Digital Spy Why is virtually everyone ever shown on BBC news in a vox pop setting appear to be jaw droppingly thick almost without exception. Is it some kind of deliberate plot to make us look like a nation of morons ,because it sure as hell doesn’t add any quality to the news content or coverage. Top of the Pops 1989 - BBC4 — Digital Spy Feb 09, 1989

(Quote) This forum is dominated by Corbynites. Yes, EM is said to be transphobic. It's not shocking that many of the issues come from Newsnight re JK etc.

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The Forum - BBC World Service. 08. december 2019 · Was the real Cyrano de Bergerac anything like the famous character in Edmond Rostand's play? The swashbuckling poet of a late 19th-century French play and his real-life inspiration.

Coronavirus prompts PM into obesity crackdown - BBC News Jul 24, 2020