Kali Linux 2020, as well as many other common Linux distributions, feature a network-manager service which provides a graphical interface for network settings. If not configured, these services may interfere with the complimentary wp6.sh script which aids in Internet Connection Sharing by way of iptables rules.

Jul 12, 2018 How to Tether Your Laptop's Internet to Your Phone Nov 11, 2019 networking - There is no sharing tab in connection I just want to use PC's internet connection on my phone. In my phone when I connect my phone, in Settings > Wireless & networks > USB Internet (sharing Windows PC internet via USB cable) checkbox, which I checked then it asked me to choose my Windows version (which is Windows 8.1 but since it didn't show that option) I chose Windows 8. It gives

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How to Enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) in Windows 7? Mar 16, 2011 How to Share Your Internet Connection Between Two Windows Feb 27, 2017 Sharing a VPN connection through an Ethernet cable In the Network and Sharing center, open Change adapter settings. Here you will see the network interfaces you have. There should be at least three interfaces - the one with the internet connection, the one where you will attach your VPN incompatible device, and the TAP adapter used by NordVPN app to connect to the VPN.